Electronic records management in local government authorities; case studies of Kinondoni municipal council, Bagamoyo and Kilosa district council

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University of Dar es Salaam
This research assessed the management of electronic records in Local Government Authorities (LGAs) in Tanzania to establish how continued access and use of e-records generated by LGAs can be enhanced. It was conducted in three LGAs of Kinondoni, Kilosa and Bagamoyo, Lunga- Lugoba using a survey research design. A combination of the Records Life Cycle Model and functionalist perspectives formed the theoretical foundation of the study. Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were used to collect requisite data through participant observation, questionnaire and key informants interviews. In all, 255 LGAs workers participated in the study. The collected data were analysed using SPSS. More specifically, this study examined the types of e-¬records generated by LGAs and determined how LGAs manage the e-record they generate to ensure continued access. Also, it identified problems the LGAs faced in managing e-records and appraised strategies used in optimising ERM for continued access and use in LGAs. The findings indicate that LGAs increasingly use computers for financial, tax and land information management. In the process they generate many e-records. However, the management of these e-records for continued access and use was given low priority due to inadequate support from top management, lack of appropriate policy, laws and regulations, budgetary constraints and due to lack of training opportunities and comprehensive schemes of service for records personnel. To address these challenges LGAs involve stakeholders from different Departments and IT Managers; use computerised systems to create, send, receive, capture, maintain, identify and use e-records. The study concludes that LGAs have low level of ERM, lack ERM strategy and top management support despite increasingly generating a lot of electronic records for accountability, legal responsibility and functional purposes. Moreover, ERM is not integrated in all the LGAs functions. On the basis of the findings and conclusions, concerted efforts at the National, Ministerial and LGAs level are needed in order to develop ERM policy and legislative as well as ERM infrastructure, prepare separate budgets and train workers on proper management of e-records.
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Electronic records, Management, Kinondoni municipal council, Kilosa district council, Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Pessa, J. C. (2014) Electronic records management in local government authorities; case studies of Kinondoni municipal council, Bagamoyo and Kilosa district council, Doctoral dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (