Care for HIV/AIDS patients: The case study of Home Based Care in Kinondoni District Dar es Salaam

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University of Dar es Salaam
The purpose of this study was to look at the effectiveness of HBC and to identify its intricacies in giving care and support to HIV/AIDS patients. It was also envisaged to show the importance of Home Based Care (HBC) and explore what care taking entails. So far the number of PLWHA is on the rise, yet very few NGOs support HBC program. On the other hand the study seeks to understand how helpful these NGOs could be in combating that problem. A research was conducted in Kinondoni Municipality, among some selected NGOs. Notably WAMATA, CCBRT, Matumaini Counselling Centre, PASADA and Kibamba. The study includes adults who were purposely picked in the study area. The collection of data was done through questionnaire, documentary review, and participant observation, interview and focus group discussion. The data we have is qualitative and quantitative in nature through SPSS program. According to our findings the majority of AIDS patients are women. Most of them are living in a state of poverty i.e. they lack basic needs. The major finding indicated that HBC was important to take care of HIV/AIDS patients. Some of caretakers surveyed by the researcher have no training on how to care for AIDS patients. This may influence the daily lamented stigma. Besides they sometimes put their life at risk of being infected too. Additionally those that order any support to AIDS patients provides so little of it and it does not add to the family's ability to meet the cost of care, nutritious food, clothing, and even using. HIV infection was also found to be associated with various emotional reactions, which impact on primary care providers. The study concludes by giving recommendations on how the society and government as a whole could strengthen HBC for AIDS patients. Not only that but also people has to change the way they neat PLWHA within the society.
Available in print form, University Dar es Salaam, Wilbert Chagula Class mark (THS EAF RA645.35.T34N3)
AIDS, Home care services, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam
Nchimbi, S (2005)Care for HIV/AIDS patients: the case study of Home Based Care in Kinondoni District Dar es Salaam,Master Dissertation, University of Dar es salaam