The cattle factor in the Kondoa situation

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There is no need to emphasize the important part played by cattle in the erosion situation of Kondoa. As with the other facets of the problem, the physical factors are well known or can easily be ascertained,e.g number of cattle and small stock, acres of grazing available, acres per stock unit required in the varying grazing areas. If iy the human factors that present the imponderables; why do the Rangi keep cattle? are most of the cattle in the hands of a few rich owners, or evenly distributed amongst the population as required by the principles of social justice? who are the decision makers in the matter of sales, gifts and movements of cattle? - frequently the women have an important say in such matters. How far are cattle held for customary purposes, - payment of dowry, requirements for funeral or circumcision ceremonies etc. and how far for economics reasons purchase of food and clothing, payment of school fees and the alike ?
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F78.C37)
Kondoa, Cattle, dowry, circumcision
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1978) The cattle factor in the Kondoa situation