Non-financial incentives and public secondary schools teachers’ motivation in Kiteto district, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Slaam
The study aimed at investigating the extent Non-Financial Incentives affect teachers’ motivation in Public Secondary Schools. Three research objectives and tasks informed the study: First, examining the contribution of non-financial incentives in motivating teachers; second, assessing how non-financial incentives are employed to influence or motivate teachers; and third, suggesting types of non-financial incentives that will motivate teachers. Case study under qualitative paradigm was used and informs other techniques and methods. The instruments used for data collection included interviews, FGD, documentary review and observation at school and district levels. Data were collected from the sample of 77 respondents and were coded manually. The findings of study indicated that Non-financial incentives increase teachers’ morale, motivation as well as retention in the profession and in the school. Non-financial incentives were partly used by some school heads as way to motivate teachers. Educational managers including school heads were not supportive to teachers in a way to encourage them to attend in-service training courses for professional development. In a strange ways school heads did not involve teachers in decision-making. Decision-making was largely done through representation (representative democracy). Communication systems used in schools was ineffective to pass information between and among teachers in schools. It was concluded that non-financial incentives are important as they motivate teachers to work voluntarily, effectively and feel respected. They also provide sustainable motivation leading to higher performance levels. Based on study findings and conclusions, the researcher recommends that the regional and district education authorities should capacitate school heads through regular leadership training so as to equip them with pertinent managerial skills. School heads should motivate teachers through provision of effective school management practices. However, there should be a firm policy statement on the uniqueness of the teaching profession that would go long way of solving the problem of teachers’ de-motivation.
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High school teachers, Motivation, Kiteto district, Tanzania
Chibululu, M.A (2011)Non-financial incentives and public secondary schools teachers’ motivation in Kiteto district, Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam.Avavialble athttp://