Humanism in Zambia and a guide to its implementation

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The art of colonisation, if it is to succeed, means a coloniser sees to it that the victim is not only colonised politically, but also economically and culturally. This being the case, the act of political independence forms but the first part of the process of decolonisation. This process is a very long one. Perhaps it is not possible to complete it in one generation, for it does not only require careful thought and planning, but also a lot of material, human and other¬wise, to bring it about. In many wavs it is even more difficult than the attainment of political independence. All the same, time does come for leaders of any given revolution, if they know what they are doing, to think of starting to remould their society. For only by so doing would they profit from the wisdom and values of then forefathers. Of course, it would be wrong to do this with closed minds, tor while there it? plenty of good that Africa is justly proud of in its set-up of a mutual aid society a society in which people worked co-operatively and collectively without losing the identity of the individual for whose benefit and in whose name all was done one has got to understand and appreciate that the powerful forces from the West which have been aggressively shattering in their individualistic, competitive and possessive approach, have had serious and grave consequences on the African society.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS J725.3.N3K38)
Zambia, Politics, Government, Social, Policy
Kaunda, Kenneth D(1968). Humanism in Zambia and a guide to its implementation