Derivation and inflection in runyambo

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study examined the morphology of Runyambo in order to determine the extent to which the traditional distinction between inflection and derivation is relevant in the morphological analysis of the language. To achieve this end, the study employed various concepts including morphology, morpheme, word and word category. Data were collected using schedule, interview and documentary review methods. The collected data were analysed using data fragmentation analysis strategy. The findings of the study revealed that the morphology of Runyambo can be analysed without employing the distinction between inflection and derivation. Different word categories can be analysed in relation to the patterns that exist in their categories. Also, the study showed that the traditional criteria for distinction do not apply in the language. Scholars are, thus, advised to work on derivation and inflection in other Bantu languages to come up with the overall conclusion about Bantu languages in general
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Nyambo language, Tanzania
Mpobela, L. (2012). Derivation and inflection in runyambo. Master dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (