Academic staff capacities and utilization in private universities in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The purpose of this study was to critically examine the capacities of academic staff in private universities in Tanzania. The study further sought to assess the extent to which these are effectively utilized for the realization of core functions of those universities. The study adopted a case study design that employed a mixed method approach that triangulated quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments and techniques. Findings revealed that there is manoeuvring of academic qualifications among academic staff in private universities; such unfortunate tendencies prevail as no strictly recruitment criteria like those in public universities for academic job applicants, thus adversely affecting their capacities to meet their core functions. It was also revealed that academic staff names appeared in different universities payrolls and interestingly in both payrolls such academic staff appeared as full-time academic staff. Moreover, it was disclosed that, private universities used the conventional Academic Staff Students Ratio (SSR) to assess utilization of academic staff which neglects the fact that there are academic staff who teach in different departments and faculties, yet they are just identified in one department or faculty. It was recommended that, the recruitment process should be strictly, transparent to ensure that academic staff was recruited and allocated workload basing on their academic qualifications and meritocracy. Also, application of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and Unit Costs (UC) would be tenable strategies to calculate academic staff workload and workload allocation among academic staff. Furthermore, the study recommends a conduct of a similar study using a larger sample in order to obtain results that will give the countrywide insight on how better academic staff in private universities can be utilized.
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College teachers, Recruitment, Selection and appointments, Qualifications, Private universities, Tanzania
Peter, S. (2010) Academic staff capacities and utilization in private universities in Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at