Conservator's interim report to Advisory Board, August, 1965

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This report follows the headings of the Annual Report but is in note form only and can he amplified at the meeting. It covers the period 1st January - 51st July, 1965. 1. Establishment and Organization a) General The Regional Commissioner and administrative Secretary/informed of progress and have enthusiastically co-operated when their assistance has been required. Mr. Peter Kashe, after a long period as ijrea Commissioner, Masai, has been transferred and, in his place, we welcome Mr. S.A. Galawa who automatically becomes a member of the Advisory Board. b) The Advisory Board. Following invitations extended by the Minister to serve on the Board, acceptances have r been received in all cases except the U.K. Nature Conservancy, with whom we are still in correspondence^ To the list in the 1964 Annual Report we can now add Dr, Melvin M. Payne, Executive Vice President of the National Geographical Society. c) The Consultative Panel. Many changes in Regional Officers have made it difficult to hold a meeting. It is hoped that one will be arranged in August prior to the Advisory Board Meeting. d) Legislation. Nothing to report. e) Staff. The writer was informed in February that his contract as Conservator would not be renewed. He has however expressed his willingness to continue to serve Ngoro Ngoro on publicity and overseas liaison work but to date (5th August) no definite plan has emerged. We are grateful to the Chief Game harden for allocating to us one of the few Tanzania graduates from the Mweka College of African wildlife Management. Mr. Musa Kaimu took up his duties in July. We have also been informed that the Canadian overseas aid programme will provide an Ecologist for a period of one year, from October 1G65. Mr. Herman Dirman Dirschl, B.S.A., M.Sc., has been seconded from his post as Wildlife Biologist in the Canadian Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources where he is currently studying land capability for wildlife 'production and utilization in areas where changes in land and water use are expected to have a significant effect on wildlife" - just the field in which we require a specialist.
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F76)
Ngorongoro conservation area, Management, Tanzania, settlers
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1965) Conservator's interim report to Advisory Board, August, 1965