Study of Adaptation of Arabic Loanwords In Swahili

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study addresses the issue of adaptation of Arabic loanwords in Swahili. The study endeavor’s to investigate how the Swahili language has adapted Arabic loanwords, phonologically and morphologically. Apart from the Arabic loanword adaptation, the study also examines the amount of Arabic loanwords found in Kamusi ya Kiswahili sanifu (TUKI2004) the meanings that they brought with them and their usage this study two major approaches were used; Comprehensive Theory of lexicography as propounded by Herbert Ernest Wiegand (1977) and the Theory of Constraints and Repair Strategies as propounded by paradis and charite (1997).The results show that in the Kamusi ya Kiswahili sanifu (KKS TUKI 2004), the total number of Arabic loanword’s is 2,790 out of 14,439 which is only 19% of all headwords in KKS , in addition to that, the results also show that there are some phonological, morphological and semantic changes that took place during the adaptation of Arabic loanwords into Swahili. These change show that some loanwords have been adapted fully and other partially. Partial adaptation has resulted in bringing into Swahili foreign phonological structures. Regarding the usage status of Arabic loanwords by Swahili speakers, the results show that some Arabic loanwords in KKS are either used frequently, rarely used or are note in use at all.
Available in print form,East Africana Collection ,Dr.Wilbert Chagula Library,Class mark ( THS EAF PL8701.M63)
Swahili language, Arabic loanwords, Swahili Dictionary
Mohamed,M (2010) Study of Adaptation of Arabic Loanwords In Swahili,Master Dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam,Dar es Salaam.