Contemporary women sculptors of Tanzania: a Study of Mwandale wanyekwa’s Sculptures

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study provides information on Contemporary Women Sculptors of Tanzania: A Study of Mwandale Mwanyekwa’s Sculptures. The purpose is to provide information that may define the influences that has made Mwandale to become a sculptor, to identify the differences styles between those that Mwandale learned at the Sculpture School and the ones seen in her current sculpture, to examine how Mwanyekwa express her feelings using sculpture work, and to find out if Mwanyekwa’s artistic productions depend on the demands of her patrons. The information covered those research question collected from Mwandale it self and other people who knows her life. Chapter one focuses on general ideas on the background of the study and its streamlines objectives, guiding questions and the importance of this study. Chapter Two reviews various related literatures on why Mwandale Mwanyekwa became a sculptor. Chapter Three explains the selected methodology that used to obtain data for this study. Chapter Four focuses on answering the research questions. Also the chapter provides information obtained from direct interview with Mwanyekwa. Chapter Five closes the study by presenting a summary, conclusion and recommendation. In Appendices there is addition information related to the research questions and other addition plates which was collected during data assortment.
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Women Sculptors, Mwandale Mwanyekwa's sculptures, Tanzania
Sika, F.G.M (2011) Contemporary women sculptors of Tanzania: a Study of Mwandale wanyekwa’s Sculptures master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at