The production of educational media in Tanzania schools: problems and prospects: a brief survey of Iringa district

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University of Dar es Salaam
The prevailing situation of in availability and inadequacies of educational media in Tanzanian schools has been the source of inspiration to launch this study. The study was directed to establish types of media produced at school level, factors which affected media production and prospects which were there in advancing media production at school level. Specifically the study oriented itself on finding out how to make educational media available at school level on self-help basis and using locally available raw materials. Through literature review, which dwelt on developing countries and Tanzania, it was noted that there were possibilities of producing simple and inexpensive, but relevant educational media at school level besides the few available media noted in the existing literature. The present study used a survey method in acquiring information on production of educational media at school level. The research instruments used were the questionnaire for teachers in primary and secondary schools; unstructured interview for teachers, Inspectors and Headmasters Observation and taking photographs of media prototypes; and review of documentations, which included inspection reports, syllabuses, teacher's guides, books and journals. Sampling procedure involved multistage stratified sampling technique which utilized purposive and simple random sampling to facilitate the identification of possible media producers and to provide allowance for every teacher not identified under purposive sampling, to have an equal chance of inclusion in the study. The study was conducted in Iringa district and the district was purposedly selected inter alia to facilitate proper and adequate management of field investigation and in-depth study of media produced. After field investigation, data was presented by tabulation, photographs and description. Through data analysis it was found out that:1. Six types of visual media were produced at school level by 46% of the respondents and very few audio media were produced. 2. Many media items produced were of imitative level of media production 3. Urban environment fovoured media production. 4. Educational level positively affected media production.5. Inavailability of time due to heavy teaching load, large class size and low income hindered media production.6. Efforts of promoting media production were noted through teachers 'involvement in media party and the government to improve media production. In line with the research findings, recommendations were made. It was suggested that media production at school level should be encouraged and promoted. In order to facilitate media production at school level, the direction of action by various people and institutions was mentioned and areas for further research were suggested.
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Audio, Visual education, Visual education, Tanzania, Media and education
Harri, H. R (1990) The production of educational media in Tanzania schools: problems and prospects: a brief survey of Iringa district, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )