Monopoly capital and the transport system in Tanganyika: a case study of the preferential tariff 1920-1960

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University of Dar es Salaam
This work is a study on an aspect of colonial railways in terms of the principles and practice underlying the preferential tariff system in Tanganyika between 1920-1960.The study examines the preferential tariff as another strategy by the colonialists to secure cheap food products and cheap raw materials for metropolitan consumption. An attempt is made to drive home this point through an examination of low tariff concessions granted to export products at the expense of import products. It is also stressed in this study that through the preferential tariff, the colonial state in Tanganyika sought to extend the boundaries of capitalist accumulation. This point is further butressed by an examination of the trade involving Belgian territories of Zaire, Ruanda and Urundi. One important aspect of the preferential tariff is the attempt at monopolisation in the transport sector. This monopolistic attempt in the road haulage business is also examined in. this study and is seen as a bone of contention between the Asians and the colonial state. Researchers on railways in colonial Tanganyika have either focused on the history of its construction in colonial times in Tanganyika or have attempted to analyse its underdevelopment effect in specific areas of Tanganyika. This study partly analyses the construction of railways in colonial Tanganyika as a means of resolving some of the problems confronting the metropole at different period. But it goes further to annalyse specifically the preferential tariff system as another role played by the railway is colonialist search for cheap raw materials and cheap food prpducts.The study is based mainly on primary sources from the Tanzania National Archives and secondary sources from the East Africana section of the University of Dar es Salaam Library.
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transportation, Rates, Tariff on farm produce, Economic conditions, Tanganyika
Akpa, M. A (1982) Monopoly capital and the transport system in Tanganyika: a case study of the preferential tariff 1920-1960, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (