Analysis of financial allocation to education in tanzania: astudy of Public Secondary Schools in Ilala Municipality

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study sought to analyse financial allocation in public secondary schools in Ilala municipality. Also, the study sought to assess the contribution of school heads in making influential decision as regards budget request for their schools. The study utilized mainly quantitative approach with some indication of qualitative approach. The area of the study was Ilala Municipality, covering all public secondary schools across the Municipal. Data were collected through documentary review, questionnaires and interviews. Quantitative data were extracted, classified and computed into frequencies and percentages, and presented in tables and charts while qualitative data were subjected to content analysis. The major findings showed that financial allocation to secondary education considers only students population as the major criterion for allocation. The funds that are allocated to secondary education do not match with the actual needs of schools rather depend on the amount of budget received in the municipality. Further, The role of school heads as a decision making body as regards to budget request and allocation is weak compared to the top authority hence higher degree of negative relationship between the requested and allocated amount of financial resources to secondary education. The recommendations arising from the study include that the recurrent and development funds needs revision in terms of policy, the budget allocation should be disbursed in full and in timely manner. More investment has to be made on secondary education to produce funds that are required to cater for the needs of public schools. Decentralization of school finance system should be adopted and implemented in our public secondary education in which school heads and school board members have major decision-making regarding financial resource request and allocation for schools.
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Public schools, Education, Finance, Ilala municipality, Tanzania
Minja, E.A(2012), Analysis of financial allocation to education in tanzania: astudy of Public Secondary Schools in Ilala Municipality, master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam available at(