Urban authority challenges in managing hawkers in Tanzania

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University of Dar es salaam
Studies of mismanagement of hawkers by urban councils in the developing world such as Tanzania point out various reasons why urban councils fail to manage hawkers properly. Hawkers as posited in different literature are portrayed as a problem in a number of ways, they violate regulations that govern municipalities and cities, they rival the formal sector businesses and hence denying local government tax revenues and blocking the pedestrians as well as increasing congestion on busy streets. This perspective raises a number of questions, for example, what are the reasons behind the urban council failing to manage the hawkers properly and to what extent is illegal hawking a problem for the urban councils. Using the case of Ilala Municipality my study explores these questions in an attempt to gain a better understanding of existing illegal hawkers, regardless of the current trend of empowering the councils.Data for this study was collected through observations, questionnaires, Interview and documentary review. The methods of analysis employed by this study include both qualitative and quantitative, a number of factors explain the mismanagement of hawkers by urban council in Tanzania. They include poor /inappropriate by-laws, poor management techniques, central government interference in council affairs and the nature of the local government system in Tanzania. I found that the politicians support some hawkers as a way of increasing popularity, and gaining support during general elections. The study also finds that outdated by-laws and poor infrastructure in the designated areas have in fact helped to promote and legitimize illegal hawking in urban areas. I recommend proper political support by politicians be given to council officials, satellite centre in areas far away from the city centre should be provided, the hawkers themselves should be involved before investing in the area, existing by-laws should be amended and enough manpower should be employed as a proper strategy for an effective and efficient way of managing hawkers rather than using force.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HF5459.T34N52)
Challenges, Authority
Njama, A.H (2010) Urban authority challenges in managing hawkers in Tanzania, Master dissertation University of Dares Salaam. Dar es Salaam.