Cash crop production in Shinyanga district, Tanzania;1920-1967

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study deals with cash crop production in Shinyanga District in 1920 to 1967. It is intended to unvail the nature and intensity of colonial extraction of raw material from Shinyanga and its effects on the economy and society. The study will add to the political economy of Tanzania now being written. Field research was done in December 1974 to February 1975. Data was collected through interviews with informants. Secondary data was collected from documentary sources particularly from the Tanzania national Archives and also from files and other documents of the Shinyanga Umoja Stores Ltd which between 1967 and 1967 served farmers in Shinyanga District. The thesis is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is introductory. It explores the economy and society of Shinyanga before 1920 in order to give a background historical perspective to the thesis. Chapters two and three explain the beginning, spread, nature and intensity of Cash Crop growing carried out by the British Administration and its effects on society in Shinyanga. These two chapters show the various shifts, in economic policies, and implementation caused by the 1930 - 33 World Depression. The chapter cover the period 1920 1938. Chapter four deals with the period 1939 to 1955. This was a crucial time in the political economy of Shinyanga, for almost all crops were exported for the requirements of the War. It was time of maximum exploitation of Shinyanga. The chapter also deals with various schemes that were started to rectify the economic situation after the war. The last chapter covers the last part of colonial period in Tanganyika and the time of independent Tanganyika and the time of independent Tanganyika that is 1956 1967. It mainly deals with the cooperative movement of cotton growers and the benefits the farmers got from such a movement. Finally there is an evaluation of the effect of all these economic changes on Shinyanga economy and society.
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Agriculture, Shinyanga, Tanzania (district), Tanzania, Economic conditions
Madaha, J (1975) Cash crop production in Shinyanga district, Tanzania;1920-1967, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )