Road motor transport in Tanzania: the case of public versus private transport

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University of Dar es Salaam
Most of road transport has been and is still provided by private transporters. However it has been at least since February 1967, government policy that transportation should be owned and controlled by the state. For sometime now the government tried to enter the transport industry by forming national freight and passenger transport companies.This study is an attempt to analyse the performance of road transport. There is an almost total lack of data from private transport firms. In public transport there is little data which is not systematically collected. Because of these problems this analysis has been pursued at a macro level although it is punctuated by some reference to examples from individual firms. The study is devided into four chapters. The first one introduces the problem that is being analysed. Then it raises and dwells on general and theoretical issues regarding road transport. The second chapter studies the transport situation in Tanzania. It looks at road transport infrastructure and equipment. It then analyses the implication of this situation to the public and private firms.Then chapter three, which follows logically from the second attempts to compare the performance of private and public transport. In this regard we have taken a few selected performance indicators for purposes of comparison and on which basis we have drawn some conclusions. In the last chapter we have attempted to provide suggestions on promoting the public transport sector. These suggestions are made within the existing institutional framework.
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Transportation, Tanzania, Automotive
Mrema, T.M (1979) Road motor transport in Tanzania: the case of public versus private transport, masters dissertation, University of Dar Es Salaam. Available at (