Analysis of youths’ participation in HIV/AIDS programmes: the case of Moshi Municipality

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study aimed at making analysis investigating of Youth Participation in HIV/AIDS programmes in Moshi municipal Kilimanjaro region. It articulates formal and informal platforms for Youth participation programme. The study has four specific objectives; to identify formal and informal platform for youth participation; to determine opportunities of youth participation in formal and informal platforms; to examine determinants of youth participation; to assess the nature and impact of HIV/AIDS in Moshi municipality. A descriptive research design was adopted because it enabled the researcher to collect data through interviews, questionnaires, focus group discussions and documents reviews. The data collected were contextually analysed. The research findings noted that, youth participation in formal platforms depends much on the existing local government structures. The platforms identified are those committees that are part and parcel of the existing local government structures. There is no specific youth organ or committee. Youth participate in decision making processes and agenda setting through representatives. In formal platforms, the research findings noted that most of the informal platforms are those organised by organinisation and cultural groups. The researcher concluded that a paradigm shift is needed from tokenism to citizenship, hence, recommended the keys stakeholders like family, government and NGOs to involve the youth meaningful.
AIDS disease., Youth participation, Moshi municipality
Mwakanenile, D.T. (2010). Analysis of youths’ participation in HIV/AIDS programmes: the case of Moshi Municipality. Available at