The evaluation of the achievement of teachers’ resource centres objectives: a case of Mbeya Region

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study sought to evaluate the achievement of the Teachers Resource Centres objectives in Mbeya Region. Moreover, it sought to assess the challenges facing TRCs in achieving their objectives, and to find out the measures taken to overcome challenges facing TRCs in achieving their objectives. The study was guided by the adopted and modified Stufflebeam Evaluation Model which insists on the evaluation of needs assessment of teachers and students, formulation of objectives, evaluation of inputs, process, outputs and outcomes so as to evaluate the achievement of the objectives of the TRC. The study used mainly a qualitative approach with some elements of quantitative approach. The instruments used to collect data were semi -structured interview, questionnaires and observation. Findings revealed that TRCs conducted programmes such as seminars, workshops, academic clubs, academic upgrading courses and long and short courses in order to improve teachers’ quality. Also, it was revealed that there was a relation between TRCs programmes and the TRC objectives. Furthermore, it was revealed that TRCs objectives were relevant but had been not achieved because there are many challenges hindering the attainment of TRC objectives. In addition, findings revealed that TRCs face so many challenges in achieving their objectives like lack of fund, poor infrastructure, distance from TRC to schools, incompetent tutors and lack of teaching and learning materials. Respondents revealed that the source of the challenges is MOEVT exclusion of TRCs in its budget. Furthermore, findings revealed that there were some measures taken to overcome TRCs challenges but which are not sustainable. It was reported that TRC was not directly given funds for running its programmes, rather it was given human resources like teachers who participate in TRC programmes and some who serve as TRC Coordinators. The study recommends that MOEVT should include TRCs in its master plan. In addition, the study recommends that TRC activities be promoted in the media like television and newspapers. Furthermore, professional and academic programmes be given equal emphasis. Finally, in- service training should be given priority so as to improve teachers’ quality.
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Teachers' centers, Achievement, Mbeya region
Mwamalili, T (2010) The evaluation of the achievement of teachers’ resource centres objectives: a case of Mbeya Region. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at