The causes for college tutors’ non-use of participatory methods

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University of Dar es Salaam
This is a descriptive study which employs a qualitative research design in order to investigate the reasons behind college tutors’ non-use of participatory methods in teaching. In order to get reliable data, four research tasks were carried out in the field. The first task was to examine classes taught by college tutors and primary school teachers. The second task was to conduct discussions with college tutors about how to use participatory methods. The third task was to collect teachers’ opinions on why teachers prefer non participatory methods. The last task was to collect college principals’ views on the application of the participatory methods by tutors. Data for the present study were collected through observations, interviews, focus group discussions, and documentary reviews. The sample constituted three (3) college principals, thirty four (34) college tutors, three (3) student teachers, and fifty six (56) primary school teachers. Basing on the findings, this study reveals that participatory methods of teaching are less applied by both college tutors and school teachers. Instead, other methods such as group discussions, question-answer, and lectures seem to predominate. The study also reveals that college principals are unaware of the teaching methods employed by their staff since the principals do not have a tendency to walk around the classrooms to see how the tutors deliver the materials to students. It is, therefore, recommended that education stakeholders should put more emphasis on the application of participatory methods in teaching.
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College teaching, Turors and tutoring
Mwanjalila, W. R (2010) The causes for college tutors’ non-use of participatory methods. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at