A study of leadership styles and their effects on the management of teachers' colleges in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study aimed at identifying the principals' leadership styles and how these affected the management of teachers' colleges. Three teachers' colleges, namely Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Mpwapwa were included in the study. A survey of leadership theories was made and Fieldler's three key dimensions were adopted to build up a model for studying leadership styles in teachers' colleges. The sample included 87 tutors, 47 student - leaders and three college principals. Three data collection techniques used were questionnaires, interviews and documentary reviews. Data collected were subjected to content analysis and presented in statistical and narrative form. The findings revealed that the main principals' leadership styles were democratic, and both human relations and task-oriented. It was also observed that tutors were not given an opportunity to contribute or scrutinize items of agenda before staff meetings were held. The findings further showed that both principals and tutors accused each other of being the cause of leadership problems in teachers' colleges. However, relations between principals and tutors were generally found to be harmonious, although occasionally overt conflicts occurred. Whereas student governments seemed to participate in the college administration, their assessment of the college administration indicated that there were some practices which they detested. This was construed as an element of dissatisfaction of how the college was being administered. In the light of the findings made, it was recommended that (a) principals should allow tutors to contribute items of agenda for staff meetings; (b)principals and tutors should strive to establish good working relations by performing their roles as the work requires; (c) principals should try hard to motivate their tutors and create a conducive working environment; and (d) student governments should be fully involved in the college administration which may decrease complaints and dissatisfaction among students.
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Teachers Colleges, Bukoba, Tanzania, Educational sociology, Social conditions
Ndabise, D. M (1992) A study of leadership styles and their effects on the management of teachers' colleges in Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (