Integrated pre primary teachers training programme on pedagogical practices: an appraisal: the case of Kilosa District

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University of Dar es Salaam
An innovative pre primary teacher training programme was introduced at the government grade III A teachers training in Tanzania. The content of pre primary teacher training was intergrated within the regular pre service grade IIIA teachers training. This study therefore was attempted to appraise its applicability in preparing effective pre primary teachers. The study attempted to answer two questions; does integrated pre primary teacher training programme prepare effective pre primary teachers for good pedagogical practices in classroom? Are the pre primary teachers making use of pedagogical competencies in teaching- learning process? In order to answer those questions Ilonga teachers college, Ilonga demonstration primary school, Magubike and Mazinyungu primary schools were used as cases study to study the innovation. The subjects of the study were Teacher College principal, Teacher College academic dean, 6 Teacher College Tutors, 4 student teachers, 1 District Education Officer,3 primary school head teachers and 5 pre primary teachers. The data of the study were elicited through documentary review, semi structured interview, check list and non participant observations.Data were analyzed using analytic induction. The results shows that the programme was insufficient due to unqualified tutors, low entry qualification, lack of interest in pre primary teaching inadequate time for training and in teaching practice, inadequate teaching materials and non participatory teaching methods employed by tutors. It was also revealed that pre primary classes are not conducive for learning due to the inadequacy of teaching and learning facilities. This study offers several suggestions; that MoEVT should put up a clear and improved entry qualification into pre primary teachers training, people with interest to teach children need to apply for. Moreover preparation and employ qualified pre primary tutors at the teachers training college. Furthermore provision of sufficient teaching and learning materials should be done. In additional time to offer the training should also revised. Also Pre primary teacher training should be offered in special colleges and not provided as integration. Finally provision of teaching and learning facilities in pre primary schools should be done.
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Preschool teaching, Training of, Kilosa district
Mkuchu, S. A (2010) Integrated pre primary teachers training programme on pedagogical practices: an appraisal: the case of Kilosa District. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at