Population increase and environmental degradation: the case of Tumbatu Island – Zanzibar

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study considers the Malthusian theory of population trap which postulates that population when unchecked increase in a geometrical ration and resources increase in an arithmetical ratio. This means that in the long run pollution will over run resources thus problems may arise. These are problems of many people fighting for few available resources. This Malthusian contention seems applicable in most sub Saharan African countries. Most of them have high fertility rates and relatively low or declining mortality rates which is the factor for rapid population increase. Zanzibar is one of such countries. Although the Malthusian theory seems to be relevant, the Boserupian theory of technological development can also be applied. This is because even though the population of Tumbatu seems to overuse the available resources but also one can argue that this is mainly due to lack of technological advancement in this island. The inhabitants still use local methods of agriculture i.e shifting cultivation, artisanal fishing and high rate of fuel wood use. The findings of the research show that there is environmental degradation which is caused by human daily activities. This degradation is not necessarily caused by human numbers but also the people’s attitudes towards environmental conservation. Although there are people who seem to know what should be done to protect the environment, they do not do so because they are also forced to exploit resources for living. The study looks at the environmental problems which Tumbatu inhabitants are facing and the due causes for those problems. The study is divided into five chapters. Chapter one consists of introduction and methodology. Chapter two is literature review. Chapter three examines rapid population increase and economic activities in Tumbatu Island. Chapter four considers the people’s attitudes and the environment in Tumbatu Island. Chapter five is summary, conclusion and recommendations
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark (THS EAF GE140.T34H87)
Environmental degradation, Zanzibar Tumbatu Island,, Man, Influence on nature
Hussein, S (2000) Population increase and environmental degradation: the case of Tumbatu Island – Zanzibar