An Administrative Survey of the Masai Social Systems

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This issue of Notes and Records constitutes a departure from the usual form in that almost the whole of it is devoted to one area and one tribe of the Territory. It is to be hoped however that the intrinsic appeal of Masailand and the Masai will justify the experiment in the eyes of the reader, especially as the subject has, curiously enough, only very occasionally and incidentally been touched upon in past issues of this journal. It was originally intended to combine in this issue surveys of the two main groups of people inhabiting Masailand, that of the Masai by H. A. Fosbrooke, which appears here, and that of the Dorobo by R. A. J. Maguire. But considerations of space and the desire to maintain the tradition of wide variety in style and content of the papers in each issue, prompted the printing of ‘ II Torobo ’ in a separate issue, and readers who have not seen it are recommended to invest; in a copy (No. 25) in order to supplement their knowledge of one of the most interesting regions of Tanganyika.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr .Wilbert Changula Library( EAF FOSF9)
Masai social systems, Laibon
Fosbrooke, Henry A .(1948).An Administrative survey of the masai Social Systems