International Biological Programme IV General Assembly

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The IBP was conceived as an 8-year programme, divided into two phases, the first being preparatory 1964-67, and the second being operational 1967-72. It has become clear during Phase II that the original objectives of IBP: the world-wide study of organic pro-duction on the land, in freshwaters and in the seas and the potentialities and uses of new as well as existing natural resources, and human adaptability to changing conditions, will be achieved by two rather different main routes. On the one hand are the immediate results of the national pro¬jects, the results of which will be published over a number of years, and the synthesis of these results into reviews putting the achievements of the programme in perspective. On the other are the methods and framework of international co-ordination set up or stimulated by IBP which will provide a framework for the continuing pursuit of the aims of IBP by other organizations. This report reviews briefly progress in these two directions during the past two years.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS I5.71)
International, Biological, Programme
Worthington, E.B(1970). International Biological Programme IV General Assembly