The preparation of quality teachers under limited physical facilities in Tanzania: a case study of Marangu teachers’ college

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study aimed at investigating the preparation of quality teachers under limited physical facilities in public teachers’ colleges in Tanzania. The study was guided by four research questions focusing on available physical facilities, how tutors facilitated teaching under limited physical facilities, how students were learning under limited physical facilities and exploring how supporting staff were working under limited physical facilities. The study was conducted in Kilimanjaro region and covered Marangu Teachers’ College. The study utilized mainly qualitative research approach with a case study research design. Also, some aspects of quantitative research approach were included. Data were collected from 69 respondents who were the college principal, tutors, students and supporting staff. The respondents were obtained through purposive and simple random sampling techniques. Data collection methods were interview, focus group discussion and observation. Qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis while quantitative data were analysed using frequencies and percentages and presented in Tables. Findings revealed that the college had physical facilities such as dining hall, library, classrooms, ICT laboratories, playgrounds and dormitories. However, these physical facilities were scarce and in poor condition due to old age, poor maintenance and huge number of students. It was further revealed that the college tutors, students and supporting staff were executing their daily duties under the condition of limited physical facilities. To cope with the situation, it was revealed that tutors and supporting staff were compelled to use various techniques such as working beyond their normal time, using lecture and theoretical methods in teaching students, buying teaching materials at their own costs. In addition, students were obliged to take their meals outside the dining hall, use their mobile phones to search for learning materials and use ICT laboratory to substitute the scarcity of learning materials in the library. In light of the research findings, it was concluded that despite the importance of physical facilities, the college still had shortage of physical facilities which adversely affected the college in the preparation of quality teachers. It was recommended that the enrollment of students should go hand in hand with the available physical facilities in the college. The government on its part should allocate resources according to the demand of the college. Furthermore, the college administration needs to ensure the college staff and students are well equipped with necessary facilities in order to guarantee favourable environment for the organizational goals to be achieved.
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College teachers, Teachers Colleges, Marangu Teachers College, Tanzania
Kambona, S. F. (2012). The preparation of quality teachers under limited physical facilities in Tanzania: a case study of Marangu teachers’ college. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (