Management and sustainability of Integrated Community-Based Adult Education (ICBAE) centres in Tanzania.

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University of Dar es Salaam
The purpose of this study was to investigate the management and sustainability of Integrated Community Based Adult Education (ICBAE) centres in Tanzania with a focus on Soni ward in Lushoto district. Specifically the study investigated the need for people's participation in programme development and implementation of educational change, availability and utilisation of resources, quality of staff and instructional methods, programme linkages and institutionalisation of education change. The study findings revealed that, community members, facilitators and group leaders were not involved during the initiation stage of the ICBAE programme. This was caused by the top-down approach which was used during the introduction of the programme. The approach denied the community members from participation and developing a sense of ownership of the programme. Furthermore, the study showed that, implementation of educational change was greatly affected by inadequate funding. Other factors included: poorly motivated and untrained leaders and facilitators, weak supervision, and poor communication system, as well as lack of facilities and frequent monitoring and evaluation. In view of the findings and conclusions of the study, it was recommended that, MoEC should issue clear guidelines on the management of ICBAE programme in Tanzania. The guidelines would help to establish a network of clear communication from project level to national level. Furthermore the government should involve community members in needs assessment and programme design. Strategies should be designed on how to motivate, train and sensitize the community members on their responsibilities towards managing and sustaining the ICBAE programme.
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Integrated Community Based Adult Education, Adult education, Lushoto district, Soni ward, Tanzania
Ramadhani, A. N. (2000). Management and sustainability of Integrated Community-Based Adult Education (ICBAE) centres in Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (