An evaluation of the participatory training programme in Bambi village Zanzibar.

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study describes the result of an evaluation of participatory training to the Bambi village community. The background of the study looks at the general historical development of agriculture in Zanzibar that shows that before 1964 revolution, there was support by the government and cooperatives through extension services to rich farmers and landlords. After the revolution most of the private land was nationalized and redistributed to peasants and some lands were transformed into state farms. Since that period, agricultural extension services were implemented under the top-down approach. Those services were offered to the peasants who lacked farming experience and also lacked a long-team laud tenure security and utilization. The participatory approach to the peasants emerged as an attempt to get away from centralized extension practices towards making farmers experts in their fields. Hence the major successful part of the participatory training observed was in terms of technological empowerment to the peasants. However, the study shows that participatory training as it had been undertaken at Bambi could not be easily distinguished from conventional approach, as only a few peasants were involved in the process. The training focused on technology, while socio-economic issues such as access to credit facilities, land ownership and utilization, and marketing were not considered as the major issues for the training. Hence the study concluded that, the participatory approach, as it has been conducted at Bambi could not bring about agricultural development and improve the living standards of the peasants. The approach should be modified to take care of the key elements of participatory rural appraisal with the purpose of making the peasants the subjects of the learning process in their socio-economic environment.
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Community development, Participation, Agricultural development, Bambi village, Zanzibar
Rashid, M. K. (2003). An evaluation of the participatory training programme in Bambi village Zanzibar. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (