Improving science and mathematics teaching through the interactive approach in Tanzania: a case study of selected Zanzibar primary schools

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study investigated the deployment of interactive approaches to improve Science and Mathematics in selected primary schools in Zanzibar. Three objectives informed the study: exploring the teachers' awareness of the use of interactive approaches to teaching Science and Mathematics in primary schools; evaluation of the effectiveness of such interactive approach; and to determining the challenges that teachers face, in using interactive approaches to teaching science and mathematics in primary schools. This case study was conducted in Urban and West districts of the Urban West Region in Zanzibar. The study was primarily qualitative with some quantitative elements. It involved a sample of 172 respondents obtained through the use of purposive and simple random sampling techniques. Interviews, questionnaires, classroom observation and documentary review were used to collect data, which were analyzed and presented in terms of identified themes as well as descriptions. The study revealed the followings. First, teachers were aware of the interactive teaching approach. However, they lacked enough skills on how to apply the approach in a real classroom situation. Second, Science and Mathematics teachers were aware of the effectiveness of interactive students' learning. Third, the application of interactive approach was beset by teachers' incompetence; lack of essential resources such as laboratories, libraries, enough classrooms, poor classroom environment; poor time management and utilization; and lack of motivation among the teachers. The study concluded that subjects' teachers should upgrade their knowledge and skills for them to use the interactive approaches. Ministry of Education and Vocational Training need to motivate teachers by providing them with essential teaching incentives and there must ensure that enough teaching and learning resources available to simplify Science and Mathematics teaching through interactive learning. Moreover the problem of resources can be solved through cost-sharing that would allow parents and other stakeholders to contribute towards interactive learning.
Available in print form, EAF collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, (THS EAF LB1585.5.Z36M34)
Science, Mathematics, Study and teaching (Primary)
Makame, Wanu Ali (2012) Improving science and mathematics teaching through the interactive approach in Tanzania: a case study of selected Zanzibar primary schools,Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam.