Comments on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority

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My comments on the Management Plan are based on four and a half months intermittent discussion and inquiry from January to May 1961, in the course of which I visited Ngorongoro on four occasions and traveled extensively through the Conservation Area, Dar es Salaam on three occasions, where I consulted with two Ministers and the permanent officials of two Ministries, and Arusha and Monduli where I discussed matters with the Provincial and District officials. Contact with the Masai was minimal, as I did not wish to approach them till I had a definite line to sell, but sufficient observations were made to throw light on the failure of the present organization. 2.In this connection it must in fairness be pointed out that the Plan on which this memo comments is not, as it purports to be, plan submitted by Authority. This body (see infra) consists not only of a group but of four Masai, including Chief Edward, an English speaking ex-teacher with some training in Natural Resources. I cannot imagine that a Plan which was the genuine production of the Authority as such would contain the phrase "the elders, none of whom in this area are enlightened being on the contrary, bigoted and conceited in their opinions in the extreme": this alleged emanating from three of the unenlightened elders; Chief Edward himself states that he has never seen a copy of the plan and suggested for example that if trees could be planted in treeless areas, rather than in areas adjacent to existing forest, the programme would be more likely to attract the support of the locals. 3. So let us be clear in our minds that the plan we are receiving is the work of a small group of officials, which should still be ''processed' not only by the proposed Advisory Board, (see infra)t but also by those on whose co-operation its ultimate success depends, the local Masai.
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F78.C6)
Ngorongoro Conservation, comments, Management Plan, Masai, Monduli
Fosbrooke, Henry A , (1961)Comments on the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority