Assessment of succession planning in Tanzania police force

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study based on assessment of succession planning in the Tanzania Police Force. It has been a common problem to work organization to neglect the issue of succession planning. As a results when key employees retired many employers faced a suddenly panic and the departure of such employees appears to them, as if they had dead by a road accident. Sampling method used in this study was non-probability based on judgment/purposeful sampling technique in order to obtain the relevant information. The judgment sampling based on quota status from eight police regions were selected as representative of the population of Tanzania Police Force. Respondents were specifically selected from these police regions and based mainly on five status. These status, include the status of commissioner’s, superintendent’s, inspectors and rank and files. Other respondents were former police officers who had retired or turnovers; and civilian who are working with police force. Research instruments used in data collection are interview, questionnaire and documentary review. The data analysis was performed through calculation of frequencies and percentages which were presented in tabular forms, for comparison and drawing of inferences related to this study. Findings in this study revealed that, various factors contribute to poor succession planning in the force. The factors include poor selection and recruitment, poor promotion, poor retention, poor salaries and fringe benefits, lack of recognition of education, lack of job specification, employee’s turnovers and lack of strong and autonomy human resource department. Basing on the findings, the following are recommended, the should be planning for succession planning in the force, culture of grooming successors should be developed, selection and recruitment should based on good qualifications, promotion should be after three years as stipulated in PGO, salary structure should be improved, need for job specifications in force and strength of human resource in the force should be improved.
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Human resource planning, Police administration, Succession planning, Personnel management, Tanzania
Kessy, G. J (2010) Assessment of succession planning in Tanzania police force master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at