Issues and problems of workers motivation in Tanzania private and public enterprises: a comparative study

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University of Dar es Salaam
Issues and problems of workers motivation in Tanzania is a study intended to contribute to the understanding of the problems of Industrial relations in public and private enterprises and to find out ways in which such problems can be solved. Motivational packages in Tanzania has been formed on assumption rather than focusing on real workers needs. Hence, elements of dissatisfaction among workers still abound public as well as private institutions with general. implication to production especially in public enterprises whereby production. output has tremendously decreased compared to those of private enterprises. This study looks into variables such as management powers in formulating motivational programmes, identification of workers needs when formulating motivational programmes and the level of workers participation in motivational programme formulation. Within this context, the study leads to a conclusion that, the problem is not caused only by low level of incentives provided to the workers in these enterprises but also the problem lies at the level of lack of proper identification of workers needs, management lacking power on formulating motivational programmes and low level of workers participation on motivational programmes formulation. In addition the study reveals other intervening variables such as favouritism in rewarding incentives and in application of rules and regulation at the workplace, economic hardship and lack of managerial skills as aspects which can throw light to the problem. Thus if these variables would be given their importance, they could be used to improve motivation and reduce dissatisfaction among the workers.
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Employee motivation, Tanzania
Mutagwa, A. R. L (1990) Issues and problems of workers motivation in Tanzania private and public enterprises: a comparative study, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )