Impact of teacher pupil ratio and leaner’s achievement in Zanzibar primary schools: a case of micheweni district

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study aims to investigate the impact of increasing ratio of pupils in Zanzibar primary schools and examines how this ratio affects pupils learning achievements. The study also examines the development of primary education in Tanzania as well as its efficiency and effectiveness. It includes the problems and challenges teachers face in their attempt to provide effective teaching. Finally, it identifies constraints that teachers faced in promoting their academic standards. The study was conducted in Pemba Island in Micheweni district North Pemba. This district faces various educational problems such as high Teacher Pupil Ratios, low enrolment, inefficient educational quality, shortage of teachers, high drops out rates and truancy. Under this scenario, Micheweni district became the hub of both educational and social problems even after independence. The methods that were used to conduct data of this research involved interviews, observation and reading of written materials (documentary reviews). .Interviews were conducted in all 15 primary schools found in Micheweni district. Fifty people including teachers and other education officers interviewed. Findings show that all primary schools in Micheweni district suffer high Pupil Teacher Ratio. They have also problems of teaching resources, shortage of teachers and even poor performance in Primary School Leaving Examinations. Furthermore, the district needs special attention if the government wants actually to bring development in not only educational matters but also on other social related issues. The study recommended that, Government should employ qualified teachers and distribute them to meet desirable TPR. Education, Mentoring and short course should provide to all teachers regularly. Government should discuss with private sector in establishing the teacher training colleges for the purpose of private school as well as public school to reduce the shortage of teachers.
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class size, Teacher-pupil ratio, Primary schools, Zanzibar, Micheweni district
Hassan, A.M (2012),Impact of teacher pupil ratio and leaner’s achievement in Zanzibar primary schools: a case of micheweni district , master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam available at(