Tanzania policy on foreign affairs

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My first task today is a pleasant one-to welcome you all to Mwanza, and to the National Conference of TANU. I wish to give a special welcome to all those Delegates who are here as result of their compliance with the leadership qualifications of the Arusha Deceleration,and a friendly warning to others that the "year of grace " is running out ! But in addition I would like to express my own pleasure, and that of us all,in the presence of our guests from other African countries.President Obote;you are very welcome to this TANU Conference.You are no stranger to Tanzania,or to Mwanza either,you come here as an old and valued friend.Your presence on this occasion is special pleasure to us,both because of our old association,and also because of the difficulties which Uganda,under your leadership,has so recently overcome.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark (EAF PAM DT445.F6)
Tanzania, Foreign relations
Nyerere,J.k(1967).Tanzania policy on foreign affairs. Dar es Salaam:Information Service,p.20