Application of queueing theory to the National Bank of Commerce savings account counter

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University of Dar es Salaam
Delayed services and congestion are among the problems facing the savings account section of the National Bank of Commerce. The service mechanism of one grade four branch at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam is studied. Arrival, service starting, and finishing times were recorded. The time spent at the cashier window is not considered. The observed traffic intensity, is 16, which is unfavourable for the attainment of steady state condition. A single queue model with ten parallel service points, unlimited space to accommodate the customers, following First In First Out discipline, and having exponential inter-arrival and service times with mean service rate of 0.080 is proposed. Under this model, the mean queuing, system times, and number of customers in the bank at any time decreases from 4.12 to 2.56, 30.55 to 15.06 minutes, and 25.42 to 9.64 customers respectively. The X2 test does not reject the Poisson arrivals at 1 and 5 percent levels of significance. the Same e test rejects the exponential service times, nevertheless they are assumed. Inaccurate timing of the instants at which the pass-books were dropped, picked, and of service completion, made the-estimated mean queuing, and system times not very accurate. Similarly the pass-books on the counter, in service, and those dropping at the counter and those already served, may have been undercounted, causing inaccuracy in the esti-mated mean number of customers in the bank. It is recommended that the management first know the mean arrival rate or agency and adjust mean service rate accordingly. Secondly, maintain a maximum service time of 12.5 minutes. Thirdly, new branches or agencies be opened in areas where customers travel too long to reach a bank; and fourthly, the bank introduce the microfiche film or computers to cope with the increasing number of customers.
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Banks and banking, National Bank of Commerce, Tanzania
Mniachi, A.R. C (1987) Application of queuing theory to the National Bank of Commerce savings account counter, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (