The role of UNESCO in the third world: the case study of Tanzania Mainland

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study is about UNE SCO and its role in the Third World with special reference to Tanzania. The main research question is whether UNESCO has been useful in advancing Tanzania's developmental objectives and whether Tanzania's experience can be used to explain UNESCO's role in the Third World in general? The study has examined this question and has come up with the following conclusions. First, UNESCO has played an important role in the establishment of educational infrastructures which effectively contributed to the fight against illiteracy. Second, UNESCO has proved to be an important international organ for the formulation and implementation of educational, scientific and cultural policies and standards. Third, inspite of the notable achievements mentioned earlier, UNESCO has primarily been an instrument for preserving the status quo in Tanzania in that it has never attempted to implement or advocate radical reforms to transform the country's socio-economic structures. Fourth, the reason for the conservative nature of UNESCO is that the Western Capitalist countries have been the main financiers of UNESCO progrmmes and thus Tanzania, like all other Third World countries, has very little influence in the UNESCO's matters of policy and finance. To enhance UNESCO's role, therefore, the dissertation has the following policy recommendation, which call for (a) viewing UNESCO critically (b) reducing the financial dependency of the Third World nations upon the capitalist countries, (c) including specialists of international politics in UNESCO National Commissions, and (d) warning Tanzania and indeed all Third World Countries against the practice of adopting and implementing UNESCO decisions wholesale,
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Unesco, Tanzania, Education, Finance, Economic assistance
Honero, A.M. N (1985) The role of UNESCO in the third world: the case study of Tanzania Mainland. masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (