Socio-economic transformations and HIV-AIDS: the case of Makete District, 1880 – 2006

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University of Dar es Salaam
this study examines the relationship between socio-economic transformations and the disease situation. in particular it studies the spread of hiv/aids in makete district. the study explores the conspiracy theory, the germ, biological and medical theory, the behavioural theory, the social constructionism theory and the political economy theory, and demonstrates that the social, economic and political transformations creates conducive environment on the epidemicity of certain diseases in a given society. in so doing the study uses the historical approach and intergrates library, archival and oral data in reconstructing the history of diseases in the district. the assumption behind this study is that every historical period is dominated by a range of diseases depending on the factors influencing a situation. the study developed three main findings. first, the colonial rule was associated with the introduction of new policies which intervened the pre-colonial social structure and organizations, hence introduction of a new disease situation. second, the period between 1961 to 1980, was characterized by new policies and occurance of great events like the fall of pyrethrum production in the district that had an influence both on social life and the disease situation. third, the period from 1980 to 2006, was characterized by the introduction of the hiv/aids. pre-colonial socio-economic and political ties were totally disrupted and transformed to commodity relations influenced by intergration in world capitalist system. the gap created by these transformations enhanced high prevalence of hiv/aids in makete district. by 2006, the district ranked the first in tanzania with a rate of 14 %.
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History, Aids (Disease), Social history, Makete district, Iringa region, Tanzania
Ngajilo, F. F. (2011) Socio-economic transformations and HIV-AIDS: the case of Makete District, 1880 – 2006, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. (Available at