Performance of cotton export: strategies to harness opportunities in Tanzania from 1980 – 2010

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University of Dar es Slaam
This study analyses the performance of cotton export and discus strategies to harness opportunities in Tanzania. The study uses a McIntyre’s model to examine the underlying determinants of cotton export performance in Tanzania from 1980 to 2010 period using yearly time series data. It employs econometric analysis in which the error correction model (ECM) is applied to analyze cotton export performance function. The empirical results indicate that real GDP in both long run and short run estimation is a relevant variable for explaining the variations in the cotton export performance in Tanzania where real inflation rate is a relevant variable in the short run estimation at lag one. There is significant evidence that, nominal exchange rate in Tanzania has positive impact on the cotton export in the short run at lag year. While cotton export price and cotton total production variables both are significant, showing positive signs at current period and in short run estimations. This study provides useful insights into cotton export performance in Tanzania. It suggests that, policy makers have to rely much on policies that will increase cotton exports. Government should consider stabilizing cotton prices by encouraging farmers on increasing cotton production in the economy. Furthermore, through efforts on attracting domestic investments, proper market infrastructures, sustainable flow of technology, and appropriate market information, could lead to improve cotton export practices.
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Cotton trade, Tanzania, Cotton export
Ombeni, N. M. (2011)Performance of cotton export: strategies to harness opportunities in Tanzania from 1980 – 2010. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Avaialble at