Economic structural changes and population migration in Kilombero Valley

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study aimed at studying the impact of economic structural changes on population migration patterns in Kilombero valley. Since independence the valley has been experiencing structural changes such as the opening and expansion of Kilombero Sugar company (phases I and II}, Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) and Hydro-Electric Power Plant (phases I and II) and other minor projects. All these have necessitated the expansion of the economic sector and availability of basic social amenities thus increasing population migration within and from outside the valley. The socio demographic characteristics of migrants were analyzed to establish the type of people involved in the migration process. The study revealed that married males were predominant in the migration process, while in the case of females non-married ones were more predominant (about 66.0 percent) than the married ones (34.0 percent}. In terms of education, the majority were those with primary education (58.2 percent} followed by illiterate (29.3 percent). As migration involves the movement of people, the data on the places of birth and previous residence were analyzed. Further the process of migration, duration and means of transport used were also analyzed. The southern Highlands regions dominated in sending migrants both by place of birth data {45.4 percent) and place of previous residence (37.0 percent) followed by the intra valley migrants. Migrants to the valley were mainly in second stage (55 percent) than first stage (45.0 percent). The majority of the migrants have entered the valley more than five years ago. The study also revealed that most of the migrants (55.0 percent) have decided to stay permanently and the dominant means of transport used when migrating was TAZARA. The study is divided into four chapters which include the introduction, methodology analysis and conclusion.
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Migration, Internal, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania
Mayombo, R. P (1990) Economic structural changes and population migration in Kilombero Valley, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )