Pattern and causes of school dropout in Arusha and Arumeru Secondary Schools.

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University of Dar es Salaam
In this study students from a given cohort school failing to complete a course of study within the provided time, or leaving the school prematurely, were classified as dropout. Predictor and precipitating variables included socio-economic background, school quality, and behavioural problems such as pregnancies and disobeying school rules. Midstream transfers were also classified as dropping out. Eight Secondary schools were sampled out of 40 schools. Five schools were in Arumeru and three in Arusha district, and included community, government, co-education, and single sex schools. Three cohorts were taken in each school for a total of 1845 students. Individual student school records were traced from Form One to the completion of Form Four. Interview for heads of schools, academic masters, and class teachers were conducted. No attempt was made to interview pupils or parents of students who had already left the schools. The rate of school dropout in community schools was found to be higher than in the other schools. Forms Two and Three dropout rate were higher than Forms One and Four in all cohorts. More girls, 175 (9.5%) dropped out than boys, 116 (6.2%) in all schools and all cohorts. These levels of dropout were greater than the national averages. The causes of school dropout included transfers, inability to pay school fees, early pregnancies, early marriages, low academic ability, job search and expulsion. School dropout rates can be reduced by better control of schools, communities and parents cooperation, and improvement of the qualities of the schools. Further research should include the parents and the dropout students. The phenomenon of transfers needs more documentation.
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Education, Dropouts, Secondary schools, Arusha, Arumeru
Bunto, T. N. (2002). Pattern and causes of school dropout in Arusha and Arumeru Secondary Schools. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (