The impact of external assistance on French language teaching and learning in secondary schools in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of the Finch external assistance on the teaching and lemming of French in secondary schools in Tanzania. '&c study was collated in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro regions. To gauge the impact, three pilot project schools and thru non-pilot schools were investigated. Dar es Salaam Teachers' Training College was also involved in the study as it was used for the training of teachers of French. The research was guided by four objectives that sought to establish whether or not the external assistance had any impact on the teaching and learning of French in secondary schools. These were the impact of the project on enrolment and performance, the status of the infrastructure of the project, the impact of the project on teachers' training and the impact of the project on students' attitudes towards the learning of French language. A sample of 139 respondents was used. It included 107 students, 2 I French teachers, six heads of schools, two officials of the Ministry of Education and Culture, one official of the French Embassy, one tutor and one principal of the Dar es Salaam Teachers' Training College. Four instruments were used in data collection. These were an interview schedule, a questionnaire for students, a checklist for institutional data, and the national examination records for students' performance The major findings revealed that enrolment gradually declined in both ordinary and advanced levels during the intervention when compared to the phase before intervention. Students' performance in French did not show any significant improvement. Likewise, diploma students' performance never improved. The project infrastructures were of good quality but the institutions relied much on the donor to sustain them, even for simple repairs. Furthermore, the project introduced in efficiencies as French teachers were produced in small quantity and were teaching small classes. On the issue of students’ attitudes, the project was not efficient in improving attitudes towards the subject It was recommended that the government must have specific targets on the issue of enrolment in French classes, otherwise with few students, will end up with underutilization of resources like teachers, books and teaching aids. The French government must plan for some linguistic activities and incentives to boost the motivation of learners and teachers. The government must be keen in the initial stages of planning and involve all key implementers Rom the onset of the project. Educational interventions
Available in print form, East Wilbert Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF PC2109.N47)
French language study and teaching, French Language Grammar, Secondary schools,, Tanzania
Ng'umbi, R.C (2005)The impact of external assistance on French language teaching and learning in secondary schools in Tanzania,Master dissertation, University of Dar es salaam, Dar es Salaam