The contribution of Ubongo kids tv program in educating children on social skills: a case of Mugabe and Bunju a primary

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study analysed the contribution of Ubongo Kids TV program on educating Children about Social Skills. It was conducted in Dar es Salaam specifically into two public schools: Bunju 'A' and Mugabe primary school. It sought to identify the extent to which children are exposed to television, factors for watching Ubongo Kids program, lessons learnt and challenges that children face when watching the program. Case study was deployed whereby interview and participant observation were carried out to 150 children who were purposively. The study found out that programs that are aimed at teaching school related skills have their contribution in imparting social skills. The upshots revealed that, 48% of children were able to learn social skills from the Ubongo Kids TV program despite the fact that the same aimed at teaching school related skills such as math and science. The social skills were learnt generally from the whole program and specifically from children's favourite characters and episodes. The study also found that the co-viewers that is parents and older siblings do not mediate when watching the program something that lead to children having questions about the reality of animations and math problems which remained unsolved in children's heads. This study concluded that the program that aims at imparting schools skills can have satisfactory contribution towards the development of social skills to children who are still learning from their environment. It is therefore recommended to TV producers, media schools, parents and researchers to put more emphasis on impacting these young minds socially so as to generate the societies that are better places to every human being.
Available in print form, Dr. Wilbert Chagula library, EAF Collection, class mark ( THS EAF PN1995.9.C45K34 )
Television programs for children, Social skills, Mugabe Primary schools, Bunju 'A' primary schools, Tanzania
Kajuna, E ( 2015 ) The contribution of Ubongo kids tv program in educating children on social skills: a case of Mugabe and Bunju a primary , masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam