Analysis of packaging decision and its impact on customer decision: the case of food products.

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University of Dar es Salaam
The objective of this study was to identify roles played by food packaging in customer buying decision and how package color, package size, package shape and further use of package influences customers buying decisions. Data were collected using semi-structured questionnaire from customers who are buying food products from two supermarkets (J.M.Mall and Old Kamata Shoprites). Data were analyzed by using Software Package for Statistical Sciences (SPSS). The Chi-square test was used in testing hypotheses. The study found that packaging plays a significant role as far as the decision to buy food products is concerned. Four packaging elements that is color, size, shape as well as further use of package were tested. Two of them were found to have influence on customers decision in buying food products. The study revealed that package color and further use of package has positive influence towards customers buying decision while package size and package shape do not influence customers buying decision. Brand name, country of origin as well as price of food product are other factors which seem to influence customers buying decision. In addition, environmental friendliness of package is an important aspect in buying decision. So apart from food package, customers have other factors that influence their decision when purchasing food products. It is recommended that, Packaging is more than a physical part of product; it plays a key role in attracting customers when buying a products. It communicates with customers at the moment they decide buying a product as well as giving information on how the product can be used. Through package, customers can measure benefits of buying a certain product in comparison to others (especially for substitute's products/commodities).
Packaging, Food, Consumer behaviour, Consumer attitudes, Supermarkets
Kyando, R. Y. (2004). Analysis of packaging decision and its impact on customer decision: the case of food products. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (