Towards a comprehensive manpower planning system in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The central argument of this dissertation is that manpower planning in Tanzania has not been carried out on a comprehensive basis despite the existence of an institutional setting that could warrant the formulation, coordination and implementation of manpower plans. There is insufficient effort to plan manpower at the enterprise or institution level and, at the national level. The effort to plan the country' s manpower development has been rendered less effective by the choice of inappropriate planning techniques and, in some cases, by inappropriate application of planning techniques. Manpower planning has therefore not been carried out as an integral part of general economic planning in the country. Although manpower forecasts have been made for each of the development plan periods. Consequently, the manpower requirement is of individual institutions have usually been established arbitrarily without sufficient regard to the size of these institutions or their activity levels. At the macro level too, manpower projections have been made as an end in themselves without giving sufficient consideration to institutional,policy or structural changes in the economy, with the result that some of the nation' s manpower objectives have not bean fully achieved. The approach used in preparing this dissertation was based on both library research and fieldwork. The latter centred on some guideline questions directed mainly to the Ministry of Manpower Development. Interviews were also conducted with offiicials from the Ministries of National Education, Finance and Planning and Labour and Social Welfare. In addition, discussions were also held with officials from some parastatal organisations. The findings of the exercise emanated from three major areas of investigation the institutional framework for manpower planning, the methodology and techniques of planning applied in Tanzania and the progress made towards some manpower policy objectives. Some proposals are made in the text with the objective that these might further help to improve the manpower planning system in the country and in particular, integrate manpower planning with overall economic planning.
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Economic policy, Manpower policy, Tanzania
Bachou, A.S (1977) Towards a comprehensive manpower planning system in Tanzania, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (