A study of financial aspects in the development of small-scale industries in Tanzania

dc.contributor.authorKilewo, A.A
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dc.description.abstractThe main objective of this study is primarily to verify the relative inefficiencies inherent in the small scale industries and then, examine in detail the financial aspects and other operative conditions that have been postulated to be the major causes of failures. The study is mainly designed to find out the operative conditions and problems, hence, it has covered all aspects of their day-to-day operations including capital, ownership, income, employment, production, marketing, personnel, credit facilities, accounting records etc. Therefore although the objective of the study is to examine an integrated approach and treatment of the total conditions and problems was necessary. The data from the field study, although very limited, is an attempt to ascertain the specify financial problems encountered by the small scale units and to suggest ways and means of improving the financial function and the activities so as to attain maximum productivity and efficiency. The interview was used as the main method of data collection. The second chapter is devoted to a general background of small scale industries in the country. The present characteristics found in the operation of small scale units and the role played by these units in the industrial development of Tanzania. The Third Chapter is the centre of the discussion as it gives the finding of the study and all the operative problems faced by the small-scale units. The findings on the production function have revealed that there is basically the lack of production planning and control. The marketing section discusses the methods used in marketing and the problems these units face in this respect. There is a lack of market information system as no prior market research is done to determine the needs of the customs. The organization and personnel section gives some insight into the personnel and organizational aspects of the small scale units. It was observed that workers or members join the small scale units so as to fulfil their basic physiological needs. The financial aspects have been presented in section four. To sum up therefore, the inefficiencies found in the small scale industries are caused by several factors, of which the financial problems have been viewed by the author to be the major one.en_US
dc.identifier.citationKilewo, A.A (1978) A study of financial aspects in the development of small-scale industries in Tanzania,Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )en_US
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dc.titleA study of financial aspects in the development of small-scale industries in Tanzaniaen_US