The place of women in the maji maji war 1905-1907: case study of Mahenge, Ulanga district

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University of Dar es salaam
This study examined the place of women of Mahenge during the Maji Maji War 1905-1907. Very little is known about the place of women in the War. The study seeks to investigate the part played by women to support the Maji Maji warriors and to sustain the society at large. The study discovered various roles played by women of Mahenge which geared to support the War. Women were conscious of the prevailing situation and thus devoted to help the Maji Maji warriors through various means. Women conducted agricultural activities in secret plots in the forests. They took care of the children, young ones and the sick at home. They also prepared food for the Maji Maji warriors secretly in the makazini to make sure the latter did not go hungry during the war. Female leaders made sure there was enough food for the warriors. Women treated injured warriors locally and the Mbui provided more faith of the War. It was because of the backing by women Maji Maji warriors fought courageously during the War. Women had to engage for the first time ever in iron smelting industries. Customs and taboos were to be set aside. `Women played important roles which contributed to the sustainance of the War for the length of time it was fought.
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Majimaji uprising, 1905-1907, Women, Mahenge, Ulanga district, Tanzania
Ramole, R.A.(2012). The place of women in the maji maji war 1905-1907: case study of Mahenge, Ulanga district. Master dissertation, University of Dar es salaam. Available at (