Reintegration of ex-prisoners into society in Tanzania:case study of Tanga district

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study explores the re-integration of Tanzanian ex-prisoners into the society. The study aimed to investigate the life of ex prisoners: ‘how’ they live, ‘what’ they do to sustain their livelihood, and ‘which’ challenges they face after prison life; also, to learn society’s attitudes and contribution to re-integration of the ex-prisoners. It was an exploratory study, which made the qualitative research design most appropriate. Case study method was used (Tanga District), and data was gathered through interviews, questionnaires, observation and documentary analysis. The study found that the ex-prisoners are released from jail without being rehabilitated and they find themselves ‘outcasts’ within their own families and communities, who mistrust and openly disrespect them. The post-prison life for ex-prisoners features blocked opportunities to earn sizable incomes for to support themselves. These frustrating conditions that ex-prisoners encounter push them to re-engage in criminal activities, or drug abuse, or alcohol addiction. The study concludes that, there is a “vicious cycle of criminality” which reflects a dysfunctional system to re-integrate ex-prisoners into the society. This is attributed mainly to absence of appropriate structures and institutionalized practices. The study recommends, therefore, further research to under deeper in-prison criminal socialization; and formation of Government organization to forge collaborations between local government authorities and NGOs and coordinate their efforts to assist the ex-prisoners during their transitional period.
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Prisoners, Tanga district, Tanzania
Salimu, M (2010) Reintegration of ex-prisoners into society in Tanzania:case study of Tanga district. Master dissertation, Univeristy of Dar es Salaam. Available at