Assessing the Effectiveness of Medical Stores Department in the Distribution of Medicines and Medical Supplies in Tanzania

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University of Dar es salaam
Tanzania medicine distribution system which includes various health programmes is managed by Medical Stores Department (MSD). Despite the fact that MSD has been operating for almost seventeen years, there is obvious failure of this organization in delivering medicines to rural dispensaries, public hospitals and health centers. Also there are unequal distribution of medicines and deterioration of health condition in rural areas. Therefore, assessing effectiveness in the distribution systems of the Medical Stores Department in Tanzania remains crucial. The research methodology involved qualitative survey though some elements of quantitative survey were adopted. The study was designed in such a way that data were gathered from questionnaires and documentary survey. The obtained data were analyzed using statistical package for the Social Science (SPSS) and presented in the form of tables, figures and explanations. The findings reveal that the majority of respondents agreed that, MSD has a good set up of distribution systems but lacks strategies to enhance effectiveness in service delivery. Market players and boundaries are well known except presence of uncertain means in serving customer. Moreover, the study reveals a presence of insufficient transport facilities offered by the MSD. A procurement organization in MSD is concerned mainly with reducing costs and ensuring supply availability and quality instead of looking for competitive advantage and value across the entire enterprise. It is therefore recommended that MSD has to set forward viable distribution policies with respect to existing government health policies. MSD has to formulate distribution strategies to solve budgetary and funds constraints. MSD has to effective implement the public procurement regulatory act as the main guide for all transactions in order to account for the disbursed funds and other government allocations. Other efficiency oriented monetary policies should also be formed and practiced.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr.Wilbert Chagula Library, class mark (THS EAF RC 1032.R8)
Medical stores department, Transportation Medicines, Tanzania
Rujomba, A (2010)Assessing the Effectiveness of Medical Stores Department in the Distribution of Medicines and Medical Supplies in Tanzania,Masters dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam.