Establishment and protection of Rhino Sanctuary: Arusha National

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The rhinos in Arusha National Park are in danger of being eliminated by poachers. The objective of this project is to protect rhinos from the poachers. This goal will be achieved if: (a) Poachers are kept out of the park (b) Animals are prevented from getting out of the Park The two conditions mentioned above for the preservation of rhinos are tenable and can be implemented. This paper outlines a preliminary plan for meeting the conditions. Project description: Experience has shown that villagers around Arusha National Park are a constant threat to Wildlife. The first step in this project is to erect a fence to prevent animals from getting outside the park. It is anticipated that this fence as well as frequent antipoaching patrols will eventually keep poachers outside the park. Justification: Arusha National Park is surrounded by human settlements on the south-west and Eastern boundary. There has been continous conflicts between Wildlife officers and peasants in the Area. Wildlife invade agricultural estates and the farmers respond by shooting them. It is these responses which have been largely responsible for the killing of rhinos.and a number of other animals in the Park. A part from patrol equipment a strong fence will be needed to stop animals from invading the farms
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F78.E8)
Rhino sanctuary project, Arusha National Park, Tanzania
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1988) Establishment and protection of Rhino Sanctuary: Arusha National