Liberation Struggle in Africa

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    A.N.C Praises Mwalimu's stand on S.A
    (The Nationalist, 1964-07-14)
    The Dar es salaam based South African Congress expressed their film support for the stand taken by the President of the United Republic, Dr. Julius Nyererere at the commonwealth prime Minister's Conference
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    UK offer an insult-Nyerere
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-02)
    The president Nyerere has described Britain's offer of an a conditional token air force to Zambia as an insult in the face of Zambia's need and said that in refusing the conditional offer president Kaunda has treated Africa's demand for justice with courage and dignity, this was contained in Mwalimu's congratulatory message to the Zambian president.
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    Aim is to give association new meaning and new life
    (The Nationalist, 1964-07-04)
    Dr. Hastings Banda, the prime Ministers of Nyasaland which becomes the independent sate of Malawi only two days before the opening of the conference, will take his seat as soon as his country's application for membership of the commonwealth has been accepted by the meeting and Dr. Julius Nyerere will be attending as president of the new united republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.
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    Treaty-firm basis for closer ties
    (The Nationalist, 1967-08-09)
    President Nyerere was addressing the East African Central Legislative Assembly and he said "The Treaty for East African Co-operation signed June provides a very strong and firm foundation for mutual co-operation and development on the basis of equality between partner states".
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    A profile of India's nuclear energy programme
    (Daily News, 1985-01-06)
    At the end of second war of the second world war when most nations views atomic energy as a force of destruction. Indian was already thinking terms of using atomic energy solely for its economic development. the prime objective of the atomic energy programme as defined in the atomic energy act of 1968, is the development, control and use atomic energy solely for peaceful purposes. Mwalimu Nyerere called on prime Minister of India Mr Rajiv Gandhi...
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    Active role in liberation struggle
    (Daily News, 1984-08-31)
    Tanzania's involvement in the liberation struggles in southern Africa dates back to several years. Her commitment to the process in the region could safely be said to have been conditional to several considerations, the principle one being the country's firm belief on the right to people's self determination
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    Evolution and development of people's defence forces
    (Daily News, 1984-08-29)
    It is one thing to have an army which is just an instrument of government and to have one which is an organ pf people which is a people's army, The Tanzania People's Defence Forces (TPDF) is such an army.
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    It,s 23 Years of Uhuru
    (Daily News, 1984-12-09)
    Grand parades and cultural activities throught the country hereld the 23rd independence anniversary marked at national level in Dar es salaam.
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    Cubans must stay in Africa
    (Daily News, 1977-08-09)
    President Nyerere said here the Tanzania Goverment welcomed the Presence of Cuban advisers in Angola and wanted them to stay there until any threats from Western countries to overthrow the Angolan Government were removed.
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    ZIPA must take over
    (Daily News, 1977-08-16)
    The issue in Zimbabwe now is no longer the removal of Smith but his removal of Smith but his removal together with his entire power structure including the army and its replacement with the force now fighting for liberation of that country,President Nyerere told a press Conference at State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
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    Brandt to visit Tanzania
    (Daily News, 1977-12-19)
    The Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of West Germany(SPD),Mr.Willy Brandt ,is expected to arrive in Dar es Salaam this week-end to start a tour of the Front line states.
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    Endorse human rights charter
    (Daily News, 1983-03-26)
    The OAU Secretariat and voluntary agencies meeting on refugee, today appealed to OAU member states to ratify the African charter and human and people`s embodied therein in order to prevent refugee situation in the continent.
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    PLO to fight to the end
    (Daily News, 1980-03-31)
    The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has moved to execute the struggle against Israel aggression to the hilt in the face of all odds.
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    CC meets
    (Daily News, 1980-03-31)
    The Central Committee of the Party National Executive Committee (NEC) yesterday held a one-day meeting at Chamwino, some 40 kilometres East of Dodoma town
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    More seminars planned
    (Sunday New, 1983-03-27)
    The party us to introduce annual shirt term seminars for senior government leaders to help improve work performance in all aspects of national development.
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    Condemn SA,House urged
    (Daily News, 1985-06-18)
    The Member of Parliment for Muheza,Ndugu L.D.Kitandulu,yesterday proposed that the National Assembly should pass a motion to condemn the attacks by racist South Africa on refugees in Caborone,Botswana last Frinday in which 12 people were killied.
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    Mwalimu to open OAU meeting
    (Daily News, 1985-06-26)
    The Chairman of the Organisation of Africa Unity OAU, President Nyerere will next Thursday open the 44th Session of the OAU LIberation Committee at the Arusha in ternational Conference Centre (AICC).
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    OAU talks
    (Daily News, 1985-07-04)
    The two standing committees of the Organisation of African Unity(OAU) liberation Committee met throughout Tuesday night to complete their work ready for the opening today of the 44th session of the Liberation Committee by the OAU Chairman,President Nyerere.
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    Liberation teams meet in Arusha
    (Daily News, 1985-07-02)
    The two standing committees of the Organisation of African Unity the Organiosation of African unity(OAU) liberation Committee began their meetings in Arusha yesterday in preparation for the 44th session of the Liberation Committee due to be opened by the OAU chairman,Mwalimu Nyerere,in Arusha on Thursday.
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    Mwalimu salutes Canada
    (Daily News, 1985-07-02)
    President Nyerere has sent a congratulatory message to Madame Jeanne Sauve,Governor General of Canada,on the occasion of that country's national day yesterday.