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    Senegal, Sudan Niger ready
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-15)
    President Nyerere has sent the following message to president Leopold Senghor of Senegal, President Hamani Diori of the Niger and Prime Minister Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoup of Sudan
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    Message to Haile Selasie
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-16)
    The President of the United Republic, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere has sent the following message in reply to a message of greetings by his Imperial Majesty Haile Selasie
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    Goal is national prosperity - Nyerere
    (The Nationalist, 1967-01-07)
    President Nyerere called on all Tanzanians to abandon the illusion that the country would be built by relying on foreign aid and he pointed out to Tanu leaders that it was important for them to realise and understand that freedom and independence were not "ngoma party".
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    Student's gift
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-13)
    President Nyerere has received from Mr. Rowney W. Mbwani, the only Tanzania student at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Northern Nigeria, a contribution of shs. 200/- towards Nation building
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    Journalists congratulate
    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-17)
    The Tanganyika Institute of Journalists has issued a statement congratulating president Mwalimu Nyerere.
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    Nyerere off to Tabora today
    (The Nationalist, 1967-08-22)
    President Nyerere leaves Dar es salaam to Tabora where he will hold discussions with senior police officer who are currently meeting there.
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    No discrimination
    (The Nationalist, 1966-02-14)
    Mr. Karume spoke on length refuting the allegations made outside the country by enemies of the revolution that the country was practicing racial discrimination and policy of persecution towards the Arabs.
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    Metric System
    (The Nationalist, 1967-08-09)
    These East African Ministers will not be appointed until December 1, 1967. I am happy to report to the Assembly however that all three Governments have now designated a Minister to be responsible for the necessary preparatory work...
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    All must co-operate, Mwalimu tells House: 5-year plan "a call for work"
    (The Nationalist, 1964-05-13)
    The president Nyerere stressed that "there is one thing which this plan is not. It is not a substitute for work. One the contrary it is a call for work". The plan covered all aspects of national life and involves all sections of the people. Its successful implementation depends on the active participation of every member of society and he added... "It will call for the co-operation and assistance of many non-Tanganyikans as well"
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    Mwalimu on CCM polls: Age is not only key to party leadership1
    (Daily News, 1977-07-29)
    The chairman of Chama Cha Mapinduzi Mwalimu Nyerere reiterated that age alone will not be a deciding factor in the elections of the party leadership. He said this when he was addressing members of the CCM Youth Organisation University district at the State house in Dar es Salaam.
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    Hands off our united republic
    (The Nationalist, 1964-07-02)
    Hands off the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, this was the warning given to the Big Power by the President Nyerere when he addressed thousands of people at the opening ceremony of the National Festival in the National Stadium in Dar es salaam.
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    Mwalimu visits Ukonga prison
    (The Nationalist, 1964-05-20)
    The president Julius K. Nyerere visited the Ukonga Prison some 10 miles out of Dar es Salaam. He was accompanied by minister for Home Affairs, Mr Job Lisunde, the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr Obadia Rugimbana, the Regional Superintendent of Prisons, Coast and Morogoro Regions, Mr. John Shija and other government officials
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    Supplement cover
    (The Nationalist, 1967-04-26)
    The supplement represents the greatest achievement of the third year of the Union of Tanzania, the adoption and popular endorsement of the policies of socialism and self-reliance which it sets out
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    Student plea to president
    (The Nationalist, 1966-02-17)
    A six-man student delegation representing Makerere Guild and the student Union of the University College, Nairobi, held discussion with president for recall of 393 students who were dismissed from the university college, Dar es salaam
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    More march to Dar
    (The Nationalist, 1967-08-26)
    President Nyerere has called on all the people of Tanzania to support the Arusha Declaration with action that will lead to its successful implementation
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    President to visit Tan-zan road link
    (The Nationalist, 1966-11-18)
    President Nyerere leaves Dar es salaam by government aircraft for Mtwara where he will inspect work already started on the Mtwara Iyai road link which will eventually connect Zambia to the port of Mtwara.
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    Mwalimu says at Kivukoni: No analysis, no right to criticise
    (Daily News, 1977-12-30)
    President Nyerere yesterday decried the habit of merely criticizing leaders in industry before making analysis of the problems involved.
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    CCM Chairman Mwalimu Nyerere receiving the Uhuru Torch
    (Daily News, 1984-09-24)
    The CCM Chairman Mwalimu Nyerere receiving the Uhuru Torch from the leader of Torch Race Ndugu Saleh Juma Said at the Kaitaba Satadium in Bukoba
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    Nyerere receives credentials
    (Daily News, 1984-06-02)
    President Nyerere received letters of credence from the new envoy of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
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    Threat to peace
    (Daily News, 1977-08-08)
    President Nyerere said that it is a struggle that demands the full attention of the world because South Africa represents a threat to world peace and dignity for all mankind.